Trading Cards: All 3 Sets: Pirates, Knights, and King's, OH MY!

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Oak Island Trading Cards in consecutive sets, 20 total cards in brand new and mint condition. All cards will ship in a soft protective sleeve each.

Series: "Pirates, Knights and King's, OH, MY!"

December 2019 release:

1) Sir Rick Lagina, The Warden of Truth

2) The King of England, Gary Drayton

3) Sir Alex Lagina, Bachelor-At-Arms

4) The Rowdy One, David Blankenship

5) Billy Gerhardt, King of the Cove

6) "Captain" Jack Begley, With Lil' Garrrrey

January 2020 release:

7) Marty Lagina, The Grand Master

8) Dan Henskee, The Wise Sage

9) Charles Barkhouse, Keeper of Secrets

10) Sir Steven Guptill, Royal Cartographer

11) Doug Crowell, The Nobel Explorer

12) Peter Fornetti, The Friendly Buccaneer

February 2020 release:

13) Craig Tester, Commander of The Order

14) Sir Tom Nolan, Defender of The Swamp

15) Tony Sampson, Lord of The Swamp and Seas

16) Scott Barlow, Island Quartermaster

17) Laird Niven, And The Flood Tunnels of Doom

18) The Gallant Geologist, Terry Matheson

19) Paul Troutman, Corsair Extraordinaire

20) The Teller of Tales, Robert Clotworthy

There is a lighthearted and fictional story on each card back about the person portrayed on the front of the card.

The twenty cards included in this listing are all of the cards in "Could It Be: An Oak Island Podcast" trading card series featuring Pirates, Knights and Kings.

The trading cards shown here are inspired by the top-rated History Channel TV show "The Curse of Oak Island".

The cards are made and produced by the hosts of "Could It Be: An Oak Island Podcast" the weekly recap podcast about "The Curse of Oak Island".

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Condition is New.

Shipped with USPS First Class Mail to anywhere in the world.

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